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The biogas yield of a plant depends not only on the type of feedstock, but also on the plant design, fermentation temperature and retention time. Maize silage for example - a common feedstock in Germany - yields about 8 times more biogas per ton than cow manure. In Germany, cow manure and energy crops are the main forms of feedstock.

How to: sell silage at the biogas plant (Farm Simulator 17

How to: sell silage at the biogas plant (Farm Simulator 17)

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The costs of biogas and electricity production from maize silage in relation to plant size are investigated in this paper. A survey of manufacturers’ engineering data was conducted to derive a reliable relationship between the capacity of a combined heat and power (CHP) unit and its electrical efficiency.

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10/29/2015 · More than 17,000 biogas plants, mostly using maize silage as the main substrate, are in operation in Europe; for example, in Germany, more than 8000 biogas plants have been in operation by the end of 2015 with the plant biomass utilization of more than 52 mass% and of livestock excrements of 43 mass% . The rest are industrial and agro- and food processing …

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Many biogas plants particularly in Germany are currently fed by maize silage. A 500 kW el biogas plant needs up to 31 t maize silage per day and the respective amount of manure. In the fermentation tanks the silage gets biologically degraded and biogas is produced. One ton maize silage converts to approximately 750 kg digestate and 200 m³ ...

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Nov 24, 2018 · To sell Silage at the Biogas Plant, you must be buy the land first. It can take up to 50,000 Litre of Silage at once, and process it continually. You don't get the money right away, it will pay you at midnight. The price is unaffected by selling at this location.

The Influence of Temperature on the Biogas Production

If in a biogas plant, however, only silage is processed („dry fermentation“), the required heating energy for the digester is almost negligible, especially when the plant is operated at a higher loading rate. Due to the agitators and the self-heating sufficient heat is produced to maintain the fermentation temperature upright.

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Mar 14, 2014Grass silage produces 160-200m3 per tonne, while silage made from maize (which in the US is called corn) generates 200-220m3, and potatoes 280-400m3. ... a biogas plant with a capacity of one ...

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2 days ago · Biogas Plant 450kW. BGA with 450kW power output and a small footprint for medium companies that have to pay attention to its size. Can be used with or without ManureSystem. Price: 365000 €. Capacity for Solids: 65000 l.


in small biogas plants where the amounts of hydrogen sulfide in the biogas produced are relatively small. ... biogas plant using bird droppings and corn silage in diges-

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